Monday, March 12, 2018

Reason #100,001 why I homeschool

I was at one of the suburban middle school. It looks nice and orderly, resources look ample. Kids were quiet during the fire drill. That was all good until later during a class change.

I heard commotion while standing inside the library doors. Some students ran past, so I stepped into the hallway. I heard a girl crying... saw a fairly tall girl looming over in an aggressive stance... then I saw a girl on the ground. There were no teachers around. In that long 20 seconds I had to determine my reaction.

Would I go toward them? NOPE, not taking that chance! It was too many kids to walk through. Plus, I wasn't chancing getting hurt by flying arms. I decided I would yell, "Get to class!", to clear out some of the students. As I was about to open my mouth a teacher showed up to escort the aggressor. "Saved by the bell." (pun intended)

[Ironically, the professional I went to meet at the school expressed she would like to consider homeschooling her 2 & 5 yr old.]


God's love & peace to you
~Beautiful Thought