"You're growing fast baby"~Omari King Wise

"I truly enjoyed your inspiring...thought provoking...powerful words last night...may God keep using you as one of his sharpest tools."~B.Smooth

"You are the Mary Mary of poetry."~Drizzle

"Thank u for feeding me w/nutritional blessings of sincerity, simplicity on the plate of life's inevitable complexities. It was wonderful. May GOD continue to use u til He sees himself in your reflection. The way u seek to be transparent&share the of GOD woke up something in me that lay dormant for so long. Thx for sharing the breath of life. I believe I will live again!” R. D., videographer

It was definitely a pleasure being there... I really enjoyed your show. You are wonderful.” H. Robinson

“Your transparency and passion are remarkable.” ~S.T

“You have truly given me an outlet from my stressful week and I look forward to each Friday show.” ~A.A., radio dj

“The show brought tears to my eyes.” ~K

“Your ability to get people out to your events just from using the internet is amazing, you’re my hero…I haven’t see any other poet achieve this much in such a short time since T. Miller”~ C. Williams, promoter