Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cancel the Noise

It's the simplest revelations sometimes... It hit me that I have spiritual earplugs and earphones. I have been irritated, frustrated, even hurt at times listening to negativity and people who can't see how pessimistic they are. So instead of reacting I will begin to use my spiritual ear plugs.

Only what God says about me is truth, everything else is subjective and relative to them. I don't have to make other people's opinions & perceptions my problem, no matter who they are. I can smile knowing that doesn't mean I agree. I can be quiet and I'll also hear God's spirit whispering truths in my ear.

#Noise cancelling earphones
#Block out the negativity

Let God's truths fill you with positive thoughts of who you are and where He is leading you. You are not perfect but through God's love, grace, and mercy you'll be all He designed you to be. Don't let anyone lead you to believe differently. God's peace and love to you. ~ Beautiful Thought