Monday, December 3, 2012

I Forgot MY Pain

Today while at the grocery store in my electric cart I "forgot" my pain from the car accident that had just happened yesterday. I met a woman. I told her that I loved her style....her shaved head with just a low natural cut, beautiful earrings, bright white tennis shoes, and sweat pants pushed up to her knees. She had a glow about her. I know that feeling to be caught with not your best on but yet you get compliments, it's a good feeling. For the next fifteen minutes...I forgot my pain and that someone was waiting on me to drive me around...she immediately shared with me a story of how she was a breast cancer survivor and that she had lost one breast and then just recently her second breast was cut off, so now both. She was glad to be alive.

I told her about an amazing woman I know named Yahminah McIntosh who is the most inspiring, strong, courageous woman I know. I shared with this stranger some of her testimony to encourage her. She said wow and you think that your own problems are so bad. I told her that i could never endure what Yahminah has...she said YES you could because God gives you what you need when you need it. I received That (but Yahminah is still the strongest woman/person I know). I sit here now realizing that physical pain is so much harder for me to endure then just mental, spiritual, or emotional pain...realizing that the physical affects all three and because of that those other three have to be strengthened even more during my time of physical weakness. So there it is: Transparency of my soon to be Testimony...Some things you just have to go through. The lady said she needed to go to church. I told her that my event is not church, though held inside of a church building...but she still said she would be there Sat. It is possible that I may never see her again....I told her to keep letting her light shine cause it's shining. Today She shined on me and I am thankful. 
God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought