Wednesday, September 14, 2016

She Doesn't Have Arms!

Today was hard on my body, a long day due to my son's homeschooling schedule. I taught my other poetry class too. This morning getting dressed I noticed my tank top revealed one of my sores that are healing left from tests on my heart. I was going to throw on a lite scarf but decided on a chunky necklace instead. Later in the day I realized it didn't stay covering the sore. My son even noticed it. I kept shifting the necklace up hoping it couldn't be seen.

This 1st day of poetry class I had kids write affirmations. One wrote about learning from mistakes, two others were also pretty deep. I wrote about being positive even when I feel sad or in pain. But one student, simply wanted to just do well in school. THAT was actually the most profound, as I think back because...she has No arms.

I'm inspired. I'm hiding my little bitty flaw on my skin and thinking about my pain. Her imperfections can not be hidden and she was not worried. She is living carefree and joyfilled without regard. If she can....that's the least I can do. I'm determined to grin and bare it. If you see me smiling, it's not because I'm not in pain, it's because I resolve to be a light in and out of season.

After the first day of my other poetry class I thought they need me but, I need them just as much. I'm blessed. #poetry #God

God's love & peace to you
~ Beautiful Thought