Monday, March 12, 2018

Reason #100,001 why I homeschool

I was at one of the suburban middle school. It looks nice and orderly, resources look ample. Kids were quiet during the fire drill. That was all good until later during a class change.

I heard commotion while standing inside the library doors. Some students ran past, so I stepped into the hallway. I heard a girl crying... saw a fairly tall girl looming over in an aggressive stance... then I saw a girl on the ground. There were no teachers around. In that long 20 seconds I had to determine my reaction.

Would I go toward them? NOPE, not taking that chance! It was too many kids to walk through. Plus, I wasn't chancing getting hurt by flying arms. I decided I would yell, "Get to class!", to clear out some of the students. As I was about to open my mouth a teacher showed up to escort the aggressor. "Saved by the bell." (pun intended)

[Ironically, the professional I went to meet at the school expressed she would like to consider homeschooling her 2 & 5 yr old.]


God's love & peace to you
~Beautiful Thought

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Today my homeschool coop poetry class was reminded of Black History & Women's Histpry month. They were instructed to choose an AA woman poet and pick one of her quotes. Next they were to write a poem that spoke about what the quote meant to them. I gave choices: Maya Angelou, Phyllis Wheatley, Nikki Giovanni, Toni Morrison, and Sonia Sanchez.

I later mentioned that if they know a poet in real life they can choose someone else. So the youngest girl chose me, "Beautiful Thought". She proudly told another girl, "I chose her," with a smile. I'm sure I felt as honored as she felt proud.

This is the same student who made various head wraps for her Barbie dolls that look like her brother's friend's mom (me). The same student who discontinued her other class this semester so she could join my poetry group. The same student who has experienced more diversity in her home than many people will just be in the same room with in a whole lifetime.

She will be one of the pioneers in racial reconciliation. She is so pure. I sent her to to find a quote. I gave her some suggestions , but she chose something else instead.  She pulled out words that didn't jump out to me, but actually describe my whole ministry, especially to women. I can't wait to read her poem next week.

"Since I discovered me, I now am able to help others do the same." ~ Beautiful Thought

God's love & peace to you
~Beautiful Thought

It's Time To Break The Cycle

Being a "helicopter parent" is the same as micro managing a spouse or employee. In children, it causes learned helplessness; in personal relationships it causes decreased self-esteem and a break in trust. We don't trust others, and we don't trust God, enough to give up some control. Ultimately, it really is about one's own insecurities and has nothing at all to do with the other person. Usually, that same person then criticizes the child for acting helpless or the spouse/
employee for not being proactive and/or assertive. It is a cycle that is quite dysfunctional and becomes embedded in the psyche of our children... 
they never feel "good enough" and often need extra validation. This validation sometimes comes in negative forms too.

BREAK the cycle, 
no matter what side of the circle you're on.

God's love & peace to you
~Beautiful Thought