Friday, June 22, 2012

Excel Above Mediocre: Playing The Bad Guy Sometimes

My child played last night until light became dusk... Today, he is reading and logging the time spent. Interesting fact: us women as single parents that want to prepare our children to excel above mediocre have to be strong disciplinarians and require some things our kids resent. They resent it especially when they go to other homes and it is not done there and all they do is watch "stuff" on tv and play.

My son is not trippin' currently and this quiet time with the tv off is going to teach him there is a time for everything, how to focus, and how to relax. All these are life lessons necessary for truly healthy development. Once they stop to focus and also begin to get used to the fact that summer is not just for playing, they will begin to realize they are actually enjoy learning.

For us single parents we will likely not see our greatest reward until many years from now because kids are kids and tend to rebel somewhat when they are made to "work". When they become mature that is when they will look back and appreciate sooo much the time we took to nurture them educationally, spiritually, mentally and not just physically. This includes teaching them that fast food, artificial sugar, and sugar is not their "friends" and never will be.

Single mothers will often be looked at as mean and unfair by our children simply because we put our foot down when others don't. I say to you stand your ground, don't worry, because One Day your children will understand and appreciate even more all the times your put their Best interest First. I understand and I applaud you. Be Encouraged. I know I am, for I encourage myself. 6.22.12
~Beautiful Thought