Wednesday, September 14, 2016

She Doesn't Have Arms!

Today was hard on my body, a long day due to my son's homeschooling schedule. I taught my other poetry class too. This morning getting dressed I noticed my tank top revealed one of my sores that are healing left from tests on my heart. I was going to throw on a lite scarf but decided on a chunky necklace instead. Later in the day I realized it didn't stay covering the sore. My son even noticed it. I kept shifting the necklace up hoping it couldn't be seen.

This 1st day of poetry class I had kids write affirmations. One wrote about learning from mistakes, two others were also pretty deep. I wrote about being positive even when I feel sad or in pain. But one student, simply wanted to just do well in school. THAT was actually the most profound, as I think back because...she has No arms.

I'm inspired. I'm hiding my little bitty flaw on my skin and thinking about my pain. Her imperfections can not be hidden and she was not worried. She is living carefree and joyfilled without regard. If she can....that's the least I can do. I'm determined to grin and bare it. If you see me smiling, it's not because I'm not in pain, it's because I resolve to be a light in and out of season.

After the first day of my other poetry class I thought they need me but, I need them just as much. I'm blessed. #poetry #God

God's love & peace to you
~ Beautiful Thought

Thursday, July 7, 2016

DON'T Shoot!

My son doesn't have a FB page
We don't watch the news either
Reality is at times too dark
But we need to face it
So I need to have a conversation
In all reality
It could go something like this

Don't ride dirty
Don't have expired tags
Don't ride with a tail light out
Don't talk back
Don't disobey
Don't make sudden moves
Don't legally bear arms
Don't carry toys
Don't carry a cell phone
Don't play
Don't laugh
Don't yell
Don't sell cds
Don't hold cigarettes
Don't reach for your license
Don't put your hands in pockets
Don't go to the corner store
Don't carry a pop & chips
Don't go to the playground
Don't live in the suburbs
Don't grow taller or bigger
Don't stay a black boy
Don't become a black man
Don't make a move
Don't go outside
Don't breath

I can't breath
don't shoot
Don't Shoot!
Our privilege is
In our reality
We are already extinct.
© 7.7.16 Natasha "Beautiful Thought" AnĂ©e, All Rights Reserved.

Black Lives Matter Too.
God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Joseph Had Haters Too

I was just reminded of Potiphar's wife who was a real "ole school hater". In spite, she set Joseph up for imprisonment, potentially even death. Joseph had to endure great trials by way of living in prison after being falsely accused. BUT GOD!!!! He found favor among men even in prison and later with the king Pharaoh, not to mention, he could have been killed instead of just imprisoned!

God doesn't choose to directly control people and there are evil, selfish people out here. So in the process of us dealing with those people filled with assignments from satan...He extends his grace and favor to us throughout our journeys. He allowed Joseph's anointing to eventually be what helped him get released from prison. Now what if he had wilded out for being done wrong, what if he did not wait on God to deliver him?? Oh you better believe the outcome would be different!

Joseph also forgave even his brothers who betrayed him. "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive." God IS intentional!

We all have choices to make and many of us respond differently to similar circumstances. HOWEVER, God is a consistent variable and His promises remain true no matter how long we are in the "belly of a great fish", the "lion's den", the "fiery furnace", or "imprisoned" unjustly. God IS a present help and a deliverer, as He was for our ancestors, He also is for us.

God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ladies love yourselves first

Ladies love yourself so much that you are willing to see truth for what it is. Never settle for halves, half truths, second best, not enough, seconds or anything else less then you deserve. The only thing that happens when you're in denial is missing out on God's perfect will and timing. Our instincts are much stronger then we give yourselves credit but we operate in denial of what we sense to be true. Sometimes you have to do what's hard now to avoid doing something more difficult later. To yourself first be true. God has His will set in motion but it's only by our actions of faith will they manifest. If you are Queen stay on your level and never tolerate being mistreated or being treated less then you are....all the rest in between is God's job. Ladies know your's a place of virtuousity and raw truth and who doesn't want to live free. If you're trapped in a relationship, or even trapped in your own mind, ask yourself why and what lies are you believing. Then remind yourself what you again need to trust and believe God for. Selah...  1/3/2015

God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

Looking back to late 2012: It all makes sense

I'm just really in awe of what God is doing. I'm not sure why I would be. Every single time, all (count them) three times, I lost my job it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
The very first time I ended up working at my babies daycare for way less money but also the privilege of being with him daily. I also went back to school and got my Master's degree. Then the second time, I rediscovered poetry and shortly after fell in love with spoken word. The third time, the charm, has been the longest I have ever been without a job since I entered the work force. It has been the hardest set of ordeals and trials I've had to face ever. However, it has in return allowed me to stay home with my son again. It has reaped the greatest level of faith I've ever had. I have been tried financially, mentally, spiritually and physically. I'm stronger then I've ever been spiritually. When all is said and done it will eventually be the biggest payoff financially.
In hindsight, I know how true this quote is by Paul Dean, "God is standing at the end of your process." I beg you not to give up! No matter what! So what you can't see the plan, what you see is still.not the end...It's the process. Hold on my friends. Lean against the rope, catch your breath and get ready to fight til God brings you a chair and says take out your mouthpiece. He's rooting for you, He's cheering for you, He will fight your battle for you but you have to fight til all your fight is gone. God has a plan. Trust God, honor Him above all things and say...
"IT'S ALREADY DONE" 1/3/2015

God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

Promises, promises 2014

Promised, Promises...
I've learned something in 2014, it's a lesson to release people from your spirit. Here it is:: People often speak before they have thought things through. People, even with good hearts, will state things outloud and never deliver. We don't realize that every word spoken is a promise. We make promises at times without thinking through what effort or sacrifice it will take to deliver. YES, we're human nothing is 100%. The problem is when we change our minds or realize it will take more effort then we realized we say nothing to that other person. Children remember, but so do adults. So in 2015 realize and you remember that when you state something you need to think through what it means before you speak it.

Are you willing to make that sacrifice, have you looked at your resources lately, have you counted the cost (financially), are you truly committed, can you get past your laziness, are you responding out of emotion? Think before you speak in every situation. If you're not sure say that...if it's a possibility say that...if you'll consider it say that...if you're trying but know it will be too difficult don't say it to appease...if it is contingent on something else then wait for that part to manifest.

In every way count up the cost of what you speak. I have learned that people are fickle and not to hold grudges. If it's a gift forget it and if it's to help in your time of need let them know your disappointment. Yet either way forgive. In the same token, know more times then not someone is going to hold you to your words too. Take it seriously, after all it's your integrity at stake. 1/3/2015

God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought