Saturday, August 4, 2012

Think It Not Strange

I have been shaken, beaten, and now pressed... and I am not talking about a martini or an olive. ME! I have not been wanting to sleep as much and as I know Stephen Sparrow and Yahminah McIntosh can attest > God is working on my spirit. I have so much I need to Say and Do.... I feel like the life I had before is gone. Even though I believe some of it is simply on hold, I will not return the same. While I was working full-time I was so distracted and tired by the end of today. IT was blocking God's plans for me, my life, and my ministry. I am thankful that God can take an injury and use the "need" for pain to His glory. I am listening to Los Santonio's music >!__home/santonio-music < and feeling the powerful spirit of his anointing.

It's almost 4 am and I have no need for sleep right now. I promise....if it is the Lord's will....I will be releasing a cd this year and a chap book. It's time! I am ready. God continues to prepare me for the true extent of this calling He has set before me and I have begun to walk more boldly in it. I pray I can mold and teach my son what he needs properly and set the proper foundation as he prepares for his own calling.

I Thank God for blessings great and small. Just as no mess is too big for God to bless, no blessing is too little for me to say I am blessed. I am again able to pay my rent on time this month. However, when I first wrote this blog earlier in the week THAT was not true, But GOD! I will always be grateful for my current circumstances. When you are no longer able to take for granted the typical things you begin to look outward with much more gratitude then before. You begin to discern clearly the hearts and priorities of those who are around you. As givers and lovers we often give and give without reservation and expected reciprocity. However, we in turn forget that not everyone has that same spirit. It is at times hard for the giver to understand why others are not giving back to them, or anyone for that matter. Just to be clear, it is the gift not the mindset that is difficult to fathom. When we give without expecting reciprocity we can not in any circumstance, even in frustration or out of need, expect it back. We made a decision to give without return and it is only God that will reward us when He sees fit. Be encouraged because God always sees you, your struggles, and your giving and sowing.

Your sowing will reap its own rewards. In the meantime, we must do as God called and that is learn Agape, unconditionally. As you go through trials and struggles remember that, and this: "I think it not strange the trouble I've seen. I think it not strange the issues life brings. I know my savior redeems." May it encourage you to persevere until He delivers you. 8.01.12
God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought