Thursday, July 7, 2016

DON'T Shoot!

My son doesn't have a FB page
We don't watch the news either
Reality is at times too dark
But we need to face it
So I need to have a conversation
In all reality
It could go something like this

Don't ride dirty
Don't have expired tags
Don't ride with a tail light out
Don't talk back
Don't disobey
Don't make sudden moves
Don't legally bear arms
Don't carry toys
Don't carry a cell phone
Don't play
Don't laugh
Don't yell
Don't sell cds
Don't hold cigarettes
Don't reach for your license
Don't put your hands in pockets
Don't go to the corner store
Don't carry a pop & chips
Don't go to the playground
Don't live in the suburbs
Don't grow taller or bigger
Don't stay a black boy
Don't become a black man
Don't make a move
Don't go outside
Don't breath

I can't breath
don't shoot
Don't Shoot!
Our privilege is
In our reality
We are already extinct.
© 7.7.16 Natasha "Beautiful Thought" AnĂ©e, All Rights Reserved.

Black Lives Matter Too.
God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought