Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Non Resolution: 2014

Sitting in my new comfy pjs, heat pack on my back with only the light from my fireplace and colorful icicle lights I reflect on time spent with family today. I Surrender by Anthony Evans is what I hear fill the room... No resolutions, I try to do what I say. This here is a spiritual enhancement.

I will without apology or fear do what God purposes in my spirit for me to say. I will not let money, power, position deter me or cause me to doubt again. I doubted on New Years eve that I should speak the words as were placed in my heart but I went fort and the response ended up being more then I expected. It just reconfirmed what I already knew. God has given me a voice and He continues to give me platforms...I will be obedient in that always.

This has probably been the hardest year of my life but yet I feel so blessed. Friends are taking a different role in my life as I move closer to God He continues to reveal how I can only rely on Him. I pray you All learn that my will find it more difficult for your feelings to be hurt. Yes the five closest people in your circle do say a lot about you. Sometimes though you need to stop trying to reach out to people who don't want to be reached and reach towards those you may have neglected in the process. That could even include folks from your own family. Trust that God knows who should be there for a reason, season, and lifetime. I will.

I see God all around me right now...I resolve to keep it that way. With uncertainty for even tomorrow I vow to trust Him. This is my non resolution for 2014 & beyond. Be Encouraged. God's love and peace to you. ~ Beautiful Thought

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