Sunday, March 12, 2017

I had a chance to focus on God better through nature by getting some fresh air and going into our community garden. I saw my garden bed had not been watered. I thought people who volunteered did that part. There was a woman there watering her own. She told me to schedule maintenance to keep it the healthiest.

I watered, pulled off a few dead leaves, and pulled up the 2 small weeds I saw. I looked at other garden beds and saw one that was yellow and over run with weeds. I saw another that looked almost perfect, no weeds, but not much was growing either. I don't know why there was so much wasted space; it could be growing more things. I watered some of the other people's gardens that I could reach but the weeds were still there.

This reminded me of life and people. When you take care of what God gave you He will bless it. We must use what He gives us to produce much "fruit" and be good stewards. When you don't provide the proper maintenance of your spirit, or even gifts, they get overtaken by "weeds". When you strive for better and to be a good stewart He'll even send people to help you. However, no one is ultimately responsible for it but you.

I gave the lady & her friend a ride home around the corner. It was hot and they were appreciative. She said, "Whenever I come back I'm going to water your garden if it needs it."

Take from it whatever is for you. I'm pulling weeds from my spirit today and watering it this weekend. I pray we all get the lessons.

God's love & peace to you
~Beautiful Thought
Summer 2016

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