Saturday, August 19, 2017

The problem with getting married...

The problem with getting married is that self-centered people, who haven't learned to love themselves, or God, do it. For goodness sakes, the problem is not the institution, it's the individuals. No person who is still holding onto childhood fears, they are not willing to admit, or can not anticipate the needs of someone else should get married. It doesn't mean one will one day be a mind reader, or should be, it means they can see outside themselves and have the capacity to strive to please another person. Never tie up with someone who is not love you....then get mad when they don't. I've never been married but God has been giving me bits of revelation.

We are often so consumed with how we've allowed someone to make us feel we forget that power actually is internal. When we can begin to understand this and take responsibility for how we feel in any situation and how we choose to act, we can begin to stop being so defensive in our communication with others. When we do this we can begin to be responsible for our own happiness and carry that joy into a relationship. We can begin to focus on pleasing others instead of trying to be self-serving. We will begin to join together as adults seeking to please God in every area and it won't be just a cliché statement. We will begin to seek to understand just as much as we want to be understood.

We will realize that marriage is not a fixed something you arrive at but, moreso a daily act of showing up every day to put in the work of loving unconditionally. You see progress, but you never arrive, because it's always a working process. I'm learning.
(Facebook post 8/2015)

God's love & peace to you
~Beautiful Thought

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