Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hope Is All...and Everything

Below is something I wrote less then two weeks ago....encouraging me by encouraging others. I decided not to post it on FB. Instead, simply saved it and later read it again realizing I had encouraged me by my own words. Who would have known that I would "live this" prophecy sooner then I thought... hitting me harder because I was unprepared to expect it so soon. Now these words I must eat, digest, and BELIEVE like never before (though yet again) that God has me in the palm of His hangds. I must believe because of's all I (we) have.
"I sit here feeling less capable then I have ever felt, because of certain handicaps I'm dealing with currently. I know God is moving things to line up for my favor but then it really really hit me....I have been requested to write & perform for a Midwest gospel hiphop event for hundreds of people and to do a twice monthly event locally for a National food chain, if the Lord's will it will go forth as planned. God said So what State Farm is giving you a hard time and likely about to cut off your income (little did I know they already had). So what you will be unable to do your same skills you were doing before you were injured and consequently laid off. So What!!! I own everything in this world and nothing can be done unless I allow it. They will not harm you, they will not prosper over you....if it seems like they are it's because I have something greater for you anyway. YOU WILL conquer this, though you may still have to deal with some pain & inconveniences, you will Still Move forward. I do not call you my child, my heir, and my chosen one for nothing. You are royalty, appointed, anointed and no devil in hell will prosper. Be Obedient I got you. These are the words now being revealed to me through God's Holy Spirit because I changed tbe negative channel...I welcome His marvelous light. Change The Channel. May this encourage you whatever season you are in."
I so needed to hear these words the Holy Spirit dropped in my spirit in advance...preparing me...for such a time as this. Praise Him in and out of season, winter doesn't last forever.
God's peace & love to you. ~ Beautiful Thought


  1. I love it when the Holy Spirit encourages us like this, it's amazing, precious moments.

  2. AMEN!! We have to encourage ourselves.