Monday, August 5, 2013

I Too Have Been A Dead Beat..You?

Today was "a day"... I can't describe it any other way... until I just describe it. Some things may seem random but believe me they are interconnected. Never be so set in your plans, that YOU made for the day that you forget to let God have His way each of those days. Follow me...
I went to the WOW Jam in Detroit and ran into my god-daughter and her mother and friends. I was so pleased to see them, considering since my son was born I have not spent much time with my god-daughter, though I would take her in a heartbeat if need be. I also have not talked to her mother, who is like my little sister, since her younger sister passed away in March. That event ws something that brought us all closer together especialy during that period of time. I was able to be there for them and their family during a very hard time. (Spoken word piece dedicated to fallen soldier Britney Meux )
However, this blog is not about how I have been is about how I Have Not been.
So back to the WOW Jam... It was a phenomenal experience to see a mass group of people assembled to receive free food, hair cuts, groceries, bikes, toys, and other prizes. This is not because they were just simply there but because they were so unexpected and unaware. They were unaware that this day they would be baptized and move towards living their life for Christ. People were moved to dedicate their babies lives to the Lord and have them prayed for. My little sis had her unborn baby prayed for and my god-daughter's friend and sister were both baptized today. Swimming pools were provided at the park to be sure, that if tomorrow did not come, they did everything they could to allow people to "come as they are" and be saved. People are hurting and looking for a way to comfort their pain.

This group from California came all the way to Detroit to bless this city, and though they had support of a Detroit base, it still had me thinking... we have to do better to reach out to those in our own city, our own family, and those that we often ignore in order to make more time to reach outside our circle. This now brings me to one of my main points. I planned to be at WOW Jam at the start and then leave early enough to spend long overdue time with one of my best friends. It did not happen that way. At 4:50am I received a call from my brother saying his wife was going into labor and he needed me to meet him at the hospital to care for my 1 yr old nephew. My son and I came and after some time went: false alarm. I had just gotten to sleep about 4 am so back at home I finally was able to get back to sleep. See how things don't go as planned. We have to be ready for anything and move when God says move.

I got to the WOW Jam late but long story short...while there I was presented a chance to minister to my "little sis" about our need as parents to react in love when we discipline our kids. I could have left knowing my friend was waiting for me but I felt in my spirit I needed to stay and intercede and minister in love. The only problem was I felt torn that my friend would be upset because it was now late and we rarely talk and spend time even less then that. We had arranged this day as a time to catch up.

But God....I praise Him for true friends that have overlooked my faults and accepted me as "that's who I am". That does not mean they don't allow me room to grow but they don't love me less if I don't. I have never been one to keep in touch with friends well and since becoming very active in producing my poetry show I have been worse. This now brings me to clairfy my main point. If I had been keeping in touch regularly I would have felt confident to call my friend and tell her what was going on instead of fearful she was going to be upset I still was not there yet.

It has been hard to summarize my revelations today but I can honestly say, though I truly Have Been very busy in my life I will Always be busy. The main point involves the fact that over some years I have, plain and simple, neglected some of my closest friends. I have been a dead beat friend and it is no different then a dead beat dad, neglecting important relationships.

I apologize for not strategizing my time or disciplining myself enough in the past in order to feed my friendships. I encourage everyone to feed their friendships so they can grow. They are the ones that will be there when the ministries, jobs, fake people, and children either end or leave. I am guilty of being a dead beat friend. I promise to do better. I pray you do too. 7.21.13
God's love & peace to you. ~Beautiful Thought

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