Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stinking Thinking: Survival of The Fittest

Those of you whom have been hurt a lot or deeply and have not yet fully healed be careful....If you develop a mechanism of defense from being hurt called survival your actions can be destructive and detrimental to your relationships. Once you become so consumed with survival it changes the way you love and give. It turns your mindset into one of what can I get from others...and what do I need to becomes a self-centered type of mindset. You may even be a caring person and loving person the best you know how. It develops an alter ego or an unbalanced mind. 

You want to be free and give and love freely BUT you are so used to being hurt and can't let go of thoughts of being hurt that you in turn sabotage relationships without even knowing. You can never give 100% because unconsciously your self-preservation mode does not allow you must first look out for yourself. So you might even give tangibly but emotionally and other ways you do not give fully. You are deceiving yourself and others. Others see your core and love you for it....but yet they are at times confused because you at times contradict yourself through subtle actions and others just can't figure it out. It's almost like dealing with not two different people because it's not that extreme but yet maybe like dealing with twins who are not exactly the same. Confusing huh??? Yep even for yourself.

Well I encourage you if you have ever had to be in survival mode or if you have ever been hurt bad before check yourself....take inventory of where your mind, heart, and spirit is currently. Unless you surrender to it and let it go you will never be healed and you will always be fragmented into two parts. Stop reliving the past through your own choice. 

Trust God! Forgive and LET wise but trust your heart to love again and to FULLY love freely without regrets. I pray those who need to read this do. It is unedited straight from my heart.

God's Peace & Love to you. ~Beautiful Thought

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