Monday, July 9, 2012

Love Poetry: My MUSE

Myself, Beautiful Thought, am pictured with the bride after performing a poetry collaboration with Stephen Sparrow, for her wedding ceremony. I matched perfectly though I did not know prior what the wedding colors were. The groom, Byron, connected with me on Facebook after seeing me perform my 1st poetry feature at Artist Village in 2010 (His quote- "I truly enjoyed your inspiring...thought provoking... powerful words last night...may God keep using you as one of His sharpest tools. ~B. Smooth). Byron has been following my poetic growth since Fall 2010; who knew he would ask me to perform at his wedding one day.

I was looking for a muse to pen my wedding day poetry but I never "found" any exactly. All the words I said were a combination of words I wrote at different points in my growth over the last two years. No one knew, not even Sparrow at first, that it was not a brand new piece. I realize now that I Am Love and what is symbolic is that all the inspiration I needed was already within me. <3 Don't give up on true love.

This wedding did inspire me, not so much during the ceremony because I was a part of it, but as I view the pictures. The pictures are of course beautiful but to look back in time on this couple two years ago no one knew for certain they would be married. The pictures are prophetic to me in the sense that we never known God's plans for us but through patience and perseverance He will show us what He has for us. Hold Out my single people... for your own Ruth and Boaz... one day you will call them by their "real"name... when you exchange wedding vows. ;-) I TOO will wait.
God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

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