Monday, July 23, 2012

Stop Taking It: Bags Should Be On Planes!

I'm having one of those days....but I will not let my negativity spill onto others like I at times so easily absorb others. I am learning to remove myself from people who taint my spirit; but the problem is you are not always given enough warning that it is coming. Now it's easy for You to say don't let others upset you but how easy is it for You to Do??
Today is one of those days...sometimes the pressures of the world compounded by one or two nasty remarks with attitude is all it takes to stomp you down lower then normal. So I have learned to just take time resetting my spirit in order to change the color of it. People often think experiences are one isolated situation after reality they layer and are interconnected. I pray God can heal and peel your layers and mine so the ugly ones get removed. I want scars that heal to reveal new skin...not keloids.
I thank God for wisdom but I also want Him to continue finishing the work in me He started so I can be free...unbound, unbothered, unhindered, and unihibited to tell folks about themselves in love and release them. I do not want to hold my negative feelings in my stomach. Lord release us all of carry the issues of other people that we make ours simply because they offered it to us. Help us to realize that what we carry, or take, is our own choice and we can simply just refuse "to take their mess." I rebuke this even now as I am sitting and typing, and for goodness sakes if you are wrong apologize not rationalize. Now drop the bags and everyone say it with me and smile... Amen!!! 7.23.12
God's peace and love to you. ~Beautiful Thought

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  1. BT this is one hugely forgotten art/instruction our Father gave us. I wish I could express to the world how great I feel after apologizing just to get them to do it more as well...but we both know that's unlikely. But beyond the apology, the strength required to forgive and walk away when necessary is even greater...only a few people actually have that kind of strength...I'm still in the weight room myself. LOL