Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sit or Push

So I'm currently trying to determine if God wants me to Sit Down or Push Through.

Sit/Push: My computer has died /But I then retrieved the data by converting the internal drive to a portable one.

Push/Sit: Went to library to send blog I wrote to the organization I'm contracted with /But as of right now I am denied access to my files on other computers because my laptop had a password.
Sit: Today I left therapy hurting because recently on top of my two bulging disks in my neck & carpal tunnel syndrome, last week I was additionally diagnosed with bursitis and tedonisis in my rotator cuff in one tendon and mildly in 2 others.

Push: Next I started working on my wedding poem and started to leave to go to an open mic. Sit: The cafe venue for the open mic was closed due to rain issues. I went home to find I won 2 one-yr subscriptions to Cranbrook Music Guild, the first show is not til Oct. However, I also received a cd of the Oct performer---- over 60 min of Bach Goldberg interpretations on piano by Simone Dinnerstein > Sit.....Sit....Sit... For tonight I'll just meditate and rehearse my wedding piece.

Tomorrow is a holiday, but be sure to tune back in Thursday when I find out if my check came from my job so I can pay rent & put a laptop on layaway. There will also be the update on the computer files retrieval shenanigans and if I will have to write a brand new blog.

Reality: These.are.the days.of.my.life. I'm still not sure if I should- Sit OR Push- for now I'm sitting because my shoulder just hurts too much to push. Transparently I write.
God's love & peace to you. ~Beautiful Thought

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