Sunday, January 3, 2016

Promises, promises 2014

Promised, Promises...
I've learned something in 2014, it's a lesson to release people from your spirit. Here it is:: People often speak before they have thought things through. People, even with good hearts, will state things outloud and never deliver. We don't realize that every word spoken is a promise. We make promises at times without thinking through what effort or sacrifice it will take to deliver. YES, we're human nothing is 100%. The problem is when we change our minds or realize it will take more effort then we realized we say nothing to that other person. Children remember, but so do adults. So in 2015 realize and you remember that when you state something you need to think through what it means before you speak it.

Are you willing to make that sacrifice, have you looked at your resources lately, have you counted the cost (financially), are you truly committed, can you get past your laziness, are you responding out of emotion? Think before you speak in every situation. If you're not sure say that...if it's a possibility say that...if you'll consider it say that...if you're trying but know it will be too difficult don't say it to appease...if it is contingent on something else then wait for that part to manifest.

In every way count up the cost of what you speak. I have learned that people are fickle and not to hold grudges. If it's a gift forget it and if it's to help in your time of need let them know your disappointment. Yet either way forgive. In the same token, know more times then not someone is going to hold you to your words too. Take it seriously, after all it's your integrity at stake. 1/3/2015

God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

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