Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ladies love yourselves first

Ladies love yourself so much that you are willing to see truth for what it is. Never settle for halves, half truths, second best, not enough, seconds or anything else less then you deserve. The only thing that happens when you're in denial is missing out on God's perfect will and timing. Our instincts are much stronger then we give yourselves credit but we operate in denial of what we sense to be true. Sometimes you have to do what's hard now to avoid doing something more difficult later. To yourself first be true. God has His will set in motion but it's only by our actions of faith will they manifest. If you are Queen stay on your level and never tolerate being mistreated or being treated less then you are....all the rest in between is God's job. Ladies know your's a place of virtuousity and raw truth and who doesn't want to live free. If you're trapped in a relationship, or even trapped in your own mind, ask yourself why and what lies are you believing. Then remind yourself what you again need to trust and believe God for. Selah...  1/3/2015

God's love & peace to you ~Beautiful Thought

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